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About Our Hosts and Show

August 26, 2019

About the Show

The P100 Podcast exists because sometimes The Pittsburgh 100 can’t fit everything we want to say. Each episode, we’ll be breaking down stories about the city we love, from current events to history to culture and food (oh, how we love our food). Hosted by the 100’s Paul Furiga, Dan Stefano and Logan Armstrong, P100 is an informational, indispensable and sometimes a little irreverent listen for Pittsburghers.

About the Hosts 

150-dan-headshot.jpgDan Stefano

Dan is the editor of The Pittsburgh 100, as well as the brand journalist at WordWrite Communications. Coming from a background in news, he’s always combing the day’s headlines between cups of coffee and yelling at his boss to get his column in on time. He’s also a native North Sider and proud of it — which is why it felt like a betrayal of his ideals when he moved two rivers south to Mt. Lebanon with his wife, Lisa.


150-logan-headshot.jpgLogan Armstrong

Logan is a staff writer for The Pittsburgh 100, and also serves as an Account Coordinator for WordWrite Communications. He loves Pittsburgh – Pitt was the only college he applied to. It’s a wonder he graduated though, considering he spends more time writing lyrics than he ever did writing papers. An avid musician, Logan writes and produces contemporary R&B in his time outside the office. He calls the Southside home and enjoys being a short trip away from the heart of the city.


150-paul-headshot.jpgPaul Furiga

Paul is the publisher of The Pittsburgh 100, and he holds the roles of president and chief storyteller at WordWrite Communications. He spent two decades as a journalist, covering everything from city halls to the West Wing, before opening WordWrite in 2002. As you can tell from his title, Paul believes in the power of story to move hearts and minds. In fact, it doesn’t take too much to get a good story out of Paul — and befitting a guy who has interviewed presidents and hard metal rockers, he has plenty to share.