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Ep. 35 — Welcoming Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s New Leader

No community is complete without a library, so we’re lucky to have them throughout our neighborhoods, thanks to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh system.


In this episode, we welcomed Andrew Medlar, the library’s new president, to discuss his history in the profession, the important role of libraries in society, what the future holds for the system — and the surprising account of why our Carnegies were not the first Carnegies.


Visit Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh online at https://www.carnegielibrary.org/

Ep. 34 — At last, a novelist

Chris Posti started writing at 8 years old, but she only got to releasing her first novel six decades later.


Posti’s “Falling Apart, Falling for You” centers on three women gathering for their 40th high school reunion in a fictional Western Pennsylvania town and their life-changing experiences. It the first of Posti’s “Next Act” trilogy, her first foray into fiction after a career as an executive coach, nonfiction author and newspaper columnist, to name just a few of her endeavors.


After the book's release on April 29, Posti’s 70th birthday, we discussed her latest career reinvention and the book’s inspiration.


Order "Falling Apart, Falling for You" here: https://chrisposti.com/books/. 

Ep. 33 — Telehealth: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today, the doctor's office can be your own personal office... or your living room, or the dining, or even a public park, if you so choose.

Telehealth visits, which many patients experienced for the first time during the past couple years, allow more flexibility in how Americans access their health care providers. And they're here to stay, as the type of visit has inherent benefits in convenience and comfort, particularly for mental health visits.

To share expertise on telehealth and discuss what the future might bring, Jennifer Christman, president of Western Pennsylvania-based mental health and wellness care coordinator MyAdvisor, joined the P100 Podcast again.

Learn more about what MyAdvisor can do for individuals, families and businesses at  https://www.threewiresys.com/care-coordination/myadvisor

Ep. 32 — Old buildings, new uses: Preserving Pittsburgh

In any Pittsburgh neighborhood, you’re likely to find century-old buildings with deep history. Whether they are in good shape isn’t as certain.


Preserving our past or, more specifically, finding new uses for it is central to the mission of the Young Preservationists Association, a nonprofit that shines a spotlight on underserved historic sites in the community and invites young people to have a voice in preservation. YPA Executive Director Matthew Craig joined us to discuss the group’s goals and work in the community.


Learn more about the YPA here: https://youngpreservationists.org/ 


And check out their top 10 list of historic preservation opportunities here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvsS3DhzOUY 

Ep. 31 — How Pittsburgh‘s Modern Matchmaker plays Cupid

As connected as the world is, it’s still tough to meet people. Sure, there’s online dating, but with a raft of options, algorithms and, oh, a pandemic complicating the in-person process, courtship is a little different these days.


Enter The Modern Matchmaker. Susan Dunhoff, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, joined the podcast to chat about her Pittsburgh firm’s 30-year history, successes, the ups and downs of the dating world, and how her business has changed to reflect today’s environment. And for singles and soulmates alike, there are some great lessons about love.


Learn more about The Modern Matchmaker: https://www.themodernmatchmaker.com/ 

Ep. 30 — Peeling the layers of the cybersecurity onion

Data breaches. Chances are you’ve been a part of one. The hosts of the P100 Podcast can say so — as can thousands of businesses.


With the U.S. on pace for a record year in data breaches, welcomed Mark Parker of the technology company Three Wire Systems to discuss cybersecurity and why private businesses should consider more strict Department of Defense standards to protect their businesses.


Over the conversation, we learned just why our data is so valuable, why data breaches continue to proliferate and how cybersecurity is a lot like an onion.


Learn more about Three Wire Systems: https://www.threewiresys.com/three-wire-technology-information-assurance 

Ep. 29 — Supporting veterans after Afghanistan

Along with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent fall of the country to Taliban forces came a flood of emotions from Americans who served in the two-decade war.


An Air Force veteran told the VA “it was a mix of disappointment and relief.” Another veteran said, “it makes you think of families that have made enormous sacrifices, some living with the effects of an ultimate sacrifice.”


In the latest P100 Podcast, Jennifer Christman, president of Western Pa.-based MyAdvisor/VetAdvisor, joined us to discuss supporting veterans’ mental health today.


Learn more about MyAdvisor here: https://www.threewiresys.com/myadvisor

Ep. 28 — Pittsburgh’s ready for another close-up

It’s time to binge watch some Pittsburgh. With a new Netflix series, an action thriller featuring Aquaman himself and a premium cable prestige drama each hitting a screen near you in the near future, the list of western Pennsylvania-filmed projects just keeps getting longer.


In this episode, we sat down with Dawn Keezer, director of the Pittsburgh Film Office. We chatted about what makes the region so attractive to filmmakers, how cameras stayed rolling through COVID-19 and what needs to happen to take our film industry to the next level.

To learn more about the film office, visit pghfilm.org

Ep. 27 - ‘Sand and Steel’ and looking for home

People come to Pittsburgh many ways — be they natives, transplants or expats returning to the U.S.

Squirrel Hill author Dorit Sasson falls into the latter group, having moved from New York to Israel at 19 and serving in the country’s military before coming to Pittsburgh nearly two decades later. She shares her story and the complicated feelings of being part of two worlds in her upcoming book “Sand and Steel: A Memoir of Longing and Finding Home." Learn more about Sasson in this episode. 

You can preorder "Sand and Steel” here, and she’s offering a 2-for-1 special featuring her first book “Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces. Email [email protected] for payment instructions, or to find her availability as a speaker for a book club or group. She’s also a highly skilled professional SEO speaker and trainer (learn more here).

Ep. 26 — How are you doing?

The four simple words that make up the title of this episode have immense power. And that’s just one of the takeaways from our discussion with Jennifer Christman, president of mental health care services provider MyAdvisor.


With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, as well as Military Appreciation Month, we talked about the important role employers can play in helping employees who are facing crises. We also discussed MyAdvisor’s history, which includes beginnings in providing care for military veterans.


Learn more about MyAdvisor here: https://www.threewiresys.com/myadvisor 


And remember, we can all help someone in crisis. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.


You can also reach Jennifer directly at [email protected]

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