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Ep. 28 — Pittsburgh’s ready for another close-up

It’s time to binge watch some Pittsburgh. With a new Netflix series, an action thriller featuring Aquaman himself and a premium cable prestige drama each hitting a screen near you in the near future, the list of western Pennsylvania-filmed projects just keeps getting longer.


In this episode, we sat down with Dawn Keezer, director of the Pittsburgh Film Office. We chatted about what makes the region so attractive to filmmakers, how cameras stayed rolling through COVID-19 and what needs to happen to take our film industry to the next level.

To learn more about the film office, visit pghfilm.org

Ep. 27 - ‘Sand and Steel’ and looking for home

People come to Pittsburgh many ways — be they natives, transplants or expats returning to the U.S.

Squirrel Hill author Dorit Sasson falls into the latter group, having moved from New York to Israel at 19 and serving in the country’s military before coming to Pittsburgh nearly two decades later. She shares her story and the complicated feelings of being part of two worlds in her upcoming book “Sand and Steel: A Memoir of Longing and Finding Home." Learn more about Sasson in this episode. 

You can preorder "Sand and Steel” here, and she’s offering a 2-for-1 special featuring her first book “Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces. Email [email protected] for payment instructions, or to find her availability as a speaker for a book club or group. She’s also a highly skilled professional SEO speaker and trainer (learn more here).

Ep. 26 — How are you doing?

The four simple words that make up the title of this episode have immense power. And that’s just one of the takeaways from our discussion with Jennifer Christman, president of mental health care services provider MyAdvisor.


With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, as well as Military Appreciation Month, we talked about the important role employers can play in helping employees who are facing crises. We also discussed MyAdvisor’s history, which includes beginnings in providing care for military veterans.


Learn more about MyAdvisor here: https://www.threewiresys.com/myadvisor 


And remember, we can all help someone in crisis. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.


You can also reach Jennifer directly at [email protected]

Ep. 25 — Lessons for success in 2021? Look to ‘Twenty Won’

After the pandemic threw a wrench in her 2020 plans, Kelli Komondor is thriving in 2021. She started her own marketing firm, K2 Creative, and is sharing her success story — along with 20 of her friends — in “Twenty Won.” The anthology collects stories about business resilience during the global crisis from 21 female entrepreneurs.


Kelli and Renee DiMichiei Farrow, who penned the forward for the book and inspired Kelli along the way, joined us for our latest episode. We discussed lessons and themes from the book and tips for business success during times of crisis.


Learn more about "Twenty Won" here: https://twentywonbook.com/ 

Ep. 24 — Modern flute, hip-hop and teaching music today



A flutist, tubist and failed recorder player are talking music during this episode of the P100 Podcast, as we welcomed Dr. Brittany Trotter, whose skill with the flute landed her one of the two spots in Pittsburgh-based UniSound’s new Black Teaching Artist-In-Residence Program.

We chatted about the convergence of classical instruments in modern sounds, how Lizzo created a flute renaissance, and how teaching music has changed in the past year.

To hear more for Dr. Trotter, check her out playing Ian Clarke’s “Zoom Tube”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldoM6vQuao4&t=24s 

Or visit her website here: https://www.brittanytrotterflute.com/ 

Ep. 23 — Laughs Today & Tomorrow with Arcade Comedy Theater


If there’s even been a time for comedians, it’s now. Around Pittsburgh, Arcade Comedy Theater is providing some much-needed levity with live online shows.

Jason Clark, general manager of the popular Cultural District venue, joined the P100 Podcast to discuss the theater’s online shift, the deep respect Pittsburghers have for the art of comedy, and why supporting the arts is so important. (We also learn that one of our hosts has a long way to go before becoming a standup star.)

Find Arcade Comedy Theater’s events schedule here, and you can help the great staff provide more laughs by donating here.

Ep. 22 — How to stop the bleeding as blood donations drop



The latest P100 Podcast is all about giving — giving blood, that is. Or the ways you can help Pittsburgh’s primary blood bank if you aren’t eligible to donate.

We chatted with Mark Giaquinto, president and chief financial officer of the Blood Science Foundation, the fundraising and philanthropic arm of Vitalant (formerly known as Central Blood Bank).

Even before the pandemic’s disruptions, our region faced a steep decline in regular blood donors, with collections dropping by 50% over the past decade. We got into the reasons why that is — and how to reverse the trend.

For more, see: https://bloodsciencefoundation.org/donate/ and https://www.vitalant.org/feedfamilies.

Ep. 21– The Latest Must-Read for Business Leaders


In the latest episode of the P100 Podcast, hosts Dan Stefano, Logan Armstrong and Paul Furiga interviewed… Paul Furiga. There was a good reason for the exceedingly familiar guest: the WordWrite president and chief storyteller recently released his first book, “Finding Your Capital S Story: Why Story Drives Your Brand.”The book takes readers on a journey into the art and science of story, as well as why a “Capital S Story” the most important marketing tool a business owns. During the episode, Paul introduces these concepts and offers some details on the process of writing the book.

"Finding Your Capital S Story: Why Your Story Drives Your Brand" is Available on Amazon now

Ep. 20 – Making Mental Healthcare and Holistic Wellness Accessible In the Workplace


Maintaining strong mental and physical health are crucially important, and that can be hard, especially during a pandemic. Accessing care that helps us stay at our best shouldn't be a hassle, which is why MyAdvisor help provide services to private and public sector employers, addressing clinical tele-behavioral health, holistic wellness, and family stability, allowing individuals to thrive in their career and family life. This episode we sit down with Jenn Christman, President of MyAdvisor, to talk all about how they’re helping those who need it most access holistic health services to make sure they’re able to stay happy and healthy.





Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration Helpline

1(800) 662-HELP (4357)


National Suicide Prevention Hotline

1(800) 273-8255

Ep. 19 – A Continuing of Traditions Big, Small and In-Between Amidst COVID


Halloween is around the corner and kids are ready to chomp down on as much sugar as possible. That’s right, trick-or-treating is on in Pittsburgh, albeit with a few COVID-friendly guidelines. We talk about why the candy-giving tradition is so important, as well as another tradition coming up – the election.


Finally, we round out the episode with more talk of returning to somewhat-normalcy, specifically how the music scene will look in Pittsburgh even after the “new normal” isn’t so new anymore. Venues closing, social distancing and other COVID-related measures are making musicians have to get creative with their live music.


Mentioned in the show: 


The 2020 Election: It’s “Virtually” Here – Its Impact On Your Business and Your Workforce

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